A new number of the magazine

N 2 (39) 2007

In these number one could notice the persistent intention of the editorial board to save the reader from horrors of drug addiction, to postpone the familiarization of the youthful population of the country with them.

In the rubric "Science" the famous scientist Igor Sidorovich presents some not commonly-known facts about AIDS and his article has the title "The syringe punches everything…" not without reason.

This number of the magazine is marked by the opening of the new rubric "What I've seen". In this rubric the opinions of journalists and magazine staff as well as the experiences of the readers are gathered together. It is very important to know how people react to now numerous programs about drugs, what they consider useful for them and what not. The magazine informs the readers about the debut on NTV channel - a weekend program in which for the first time on Saturdays and Sundays they showed such a scandalous material - about Star children, about Hofman, father of LSD. He is still alive, and it is interesting to know that he stated that he took the substance opened by him only several times in his life and only with scientific purposes.

One more new rubric - "Celebration and a way to it". It is called so strangely on purpose, in order to stress the procedure of preparation - because it hardens will, character and makes life interesting. The celebration itself -"a cake with candles" that disappears from the table very quickly - is opposed to the ability to enjoy oneself that will remain with a child for life. And then the festival is described, not an ordinary one. In one of the schools of Moscow pupils have traveled to France for ten years in succession; there they gave concerts of Russian music and became real ambassadors of Good Will. And no acquaintances can help to become a member of this group, only work and talent can do that.

The editorial board offers a serious material for thinking over the nature of drug addiction: well-known scientists Akop Nazaretjan and Georgy Zazulin discuss conflicts and aggression associated with drug addiction.

Members of the staff have visited an exhibition. The inscription on the exhibit says that the paintress made an installation with articles of clothing of a drug user. What caused her to do so? What kind of emotions appeared in her mind when she put on the wall clothing far from haute couture, reminding most probably a cotton jacket of a prisoner? This question can be best answered by the people's artist of Russia Tatyana Nazarenko.

As always the magazine tries to find unknown in the fields which seem to bore everybody. Thus, absolutely new information is presented in the rubric "Information desk" in the article "Good nature of beer is deceptive".

In the rubric "Our publications", much beloved by the readers, abstracts from the unique work of Richard Davenport-Hainz "The History of Emotional Extremities" are presented. The book embraces five centuries and tells about people who fell under the influence of drugs: kings, great writers, composers, wounded soldiers, etc.

One can't remain indifferent to the new rubric "Save and preserve". Even people who aren't confirmed will read with interest about Holy Xenia of Petersburg.

There are also materials in the rubrics "Criminality", "Extreme", "Our idols", "Confession".

The magazine is lavishly illustrated. Articles, thoughts and conclusions of the authors are accompanied by associative photos and original graphics. The illustrations to "Our publications" are particularly good.

The magazine is already on sale.