The magazine «Narkonet»

Narcotics today are available to everyone. They can be found everywhere: in schools, colleges, institutes, clubs and in the street. Some sell narcotics - suffering and death, others buy them.

Narcotics quickly break one's life and make it a nightmare. Those who try narcotics for the first time can't even imagine the consequences. And can't refrain from the next dose.

Some people consider that narcotics are more prestigious than alcohol. In reality narcotics destroy personality and body faster and mercilessly, than alcohol. Narcotics paralyze conscience and will.

Friends and relatives try to save their brother, son, grandson, but they don't know where to find the way out and seek advice. The magazine "Narkonet" gives practical advice and help to drug users, their relatives and friends, all those who want to win narcotics and enjoy life without them. "Narkonet" - life free of narcotics.




The magazine «Narkonet». Russia free of narcotic drugs" was first published in 1999.
Today it is a color illustrated edition of high-design in A-4 format issued on 96 pages, with circulation 20 000 copies.

Goals and objectives of the magazine: to inform the society about drug addiction and associated diseases in a clear and reliable way; to combine efforts of state, political, scientific and public men and organizations in the field of drug abuse prevention; to forward young people to healthy way of life and intellectual values, as well as creation of material values and building of wealthy society requiring healthy youth.

The final objective is to contribute to making Russia the land free of narcotics (which makes the subtitle of the magazine).